Resolve to Evolve (any time of the year)

I don't know about you, but I love me a fresh start. I'm obsessed with the concept of starting anew, beginning again, wiping the slate clean and hitting the ground running. Because of this, I am one among many who loves to set new year's resolutions... I am also one among many who doesn't always hit the mark when I set a new year's resolution...

It is now January 20. The hype of the new year has come to pass and you may or may not have fallen off the elusive path to a “new you.” Don't worry, you're in good company... Billions of people kinda company...

Perhaps you've shoved your list of goals and resolutions into a locked box under your bed. Maybe you've stuffed them in a drawer to remain out of sight and out of mind. Or maybe, just maybe, you've even gone so far as to toss them in the trash, pretty they never met pen and paper... After all, if they never existed they can't mock you for not achieving perfection in a total of 20 days, right? Better luck next year, right?


Better luck right now.

I mean it. Humor me for just a moment...

Before you lock up your ambitions and throw away the key, I implore you to revisit those goals, reset your intentions, and by all means, TRY AGAIN and again and again, until you get on the right track. Don't give up just because you haven't achieved a level of perfection the internet might deem worthy by the middle of the month. A resolution is not a deadline, it's a guideline. It's a reminder of what you want and why. No more, no less. Resolutions should not come with strings attached that threaten to shatter your sense of self worth at the first sign of a detour or change in course. Resolutions should not feel like conditional baggage piled high on top of your already-full plate. Resolutions are meant to excite us; they are meant to motivate us, to kick us into gear and remind us that dreaming of a life worthwhile isn't a concept reserved only for kids.

Resolutions are not a something you have to put o the back burner until January 1; you can resolve to evolve on any day, at any time, for any reason. You can resolve, right now, to eat differently, speak differently, act differently, show up differently. You can resolve, right now, to try a new recipe, learn a new language, take a different route home, speak up when you would normally stay quiet, go for a walk when you would normally plop down on the couch, work on that project you've been putting off for too long. You can resolve to literally do whatever you want! Whenever! You! Want!

Don't believe me? Well, guess what? I'm doing it right now. Literally, as I type, I am resolving to do something different than I had originally planned. Of course, I write this mindful blog every month, but I wanted to do literally anything else (hang upside down, eat an entire tub of Pringles, take an obscene amount of pictures of my dog, etc) before I made the conscious choice to sit down in front of my laptop and actually write today. I changed my course and I accomplished a goal. No matter how big or small, a goal smashed is a goal smashed.

You don't need to post anything or tell anyone you've hit the reset button. You don't owe the internet, nor your friends and family a play-by-play of your personal growth or your perfectly-imperfect human ability to make the occasional error here and there. This fresh start is entirely yours, as with every other in your lifetime. (And believe me, there will be many.) See, that's the other thing abut resolutions: they don't belong to anyone but us. When it comes to goals, what's yours is yours; what's mine is mine. It's a beautiful thing, really! No one gets to tell you who, what, when, where, or how to set your goals, intentions and resolutions for your life. It's entirely up to you, which is why there should not be any pressure to set the perfect goal or hit the perfect mark. When we make a show of our growth, we neglect to actually experience it for ourselves and completely miss the point of our expansive endeavors.

So, yeah, I love me a fresh start as much as the next girl, and the new year is always a good place to begin again, but that doesn't mean we have to limit ourselves to ONE day out of the year where we're allowed to dream and to do. This day is as good as any, and you have every right to change your course and decide that you want to move toward your dreams on a random Tuesday afternoon when no one's around to count down the fall of a glorified disco ball.

I hope that you've found this post motivating and that you'll think twice before giving up on your 2020 vision. We would love to know whatever it is that you're working on this year. Leave us a comment on the Mountain Yoga Studio Facebook page or send us a message and let us know about the path you've taken.


1) The trees have been taken down and school is back in session, which means it is time to make the transition from the holidays to the new year. We are always updating our schedule for the changing seasons, so keep your eyes peeled and your mind open to the endless possibilities of your practice.

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