Surprising Side Effects of Adopting a Regular Workout Routine

We are all subconsciously aware of the aesthetic benefits of adopting a healthy, active lifestyle, but today we're going to dive a little bit deeper.

Participating in a regular workout regimen can not only change our physical appearance, it can also radically shift the way that we walk, talk, think, behave, and even view the world. Whether you practice yoga, cycling, body building, dancing, running – the list goes on – moving your body in a way that feels good is guaranteed to create waves and change your life for the better.

If you need a bit more motivation, here are a few of my personal favorite side effects of adopting regular workout routine:

Side Effect Number One: Empowerment

I believe that setting goals is the foundation of self confidence.

There is no greater thrill than the one brought on by accomplishing a goal and slapping a big ol' checkaroo next to it. Acheivment – whether big or small – has a way of catapulting us into a state of empowerment that is unshakable.

The practice of physical exercise releases endorphins in the brain and nervous system, which generate feelings of excitement and satisfaction.

So, even on my darkest of days, when I feel sad, insecure, lost, or tired, I know that a simple workout has the power to reframe my entire reality.

In short: If you're feeling low, exercise.

Feeling defeated? Exercise.

Feeling uninspired? Exercise.

Give it a try the next time you find yourself in a slump and let us know how you feel afterward!

Side Effect Number Two: Heightened Mental Focus

Have you ever heard of Moving Meditation?

Yes, you read that right, I did say moving.

Meditation is a beautiful and necessary practice for all, but did you know that it can be practiced in more way than one?

For many people, a still and seated meditation can be aggitating and counterproductive.

The purpose of meditation is to notice our current mental state, clear the cache, and BE PRESENT, thus heightening our mental focus. The good news is, the same result can be attained through a physical workout.

When we give our undivided attention to the physical body, we naturally give the thinking mind a break and are forced to BE PRESENT... If not, we can end up with a serious injury.

This is why exercise can be an excellent form of meditation that leads to a clear mind and killer abs.

A win-win!

Side Effect Number Three: Creative Inspiration

This is, by far, my favorite side effect on the list.

Being a writer, it isn't uncommon for me to find myself in a creative slump, drowning in the dreaded ocean of writer's block.


I've come to learn that our body and mind work in similar ways.

Creative blocks tend to occur when we are under intense stress, which ultimately restricts the expansion of our imagination.

What's fascinating is that the muscles in our body open up when our nervous system calms down. We've already established that exercise releases all sorts of happy feelings throughout the brain, so we now know that the best way to calm down our nervous system is by moving. This is why we feel much more loose and flexible after a bit of exercise.

Since our brain is a muscle that can only be stretched so far, in order to loosen it up and expand our creative reach, we must get to steppin' (or down-doggin') if we want to get those creative juices flowing!

Side Effect Number Four: Self Discipline

No matter where we intend to go, or what we intend to accomplish in life, we cannot make it happen without a solid sense of self discipline.

We have a tendency to look outward for someone else to hold us accountible, forgetting that we hold all of the power in our own two hands (refer to side effect number one.)

Routine exercise requires a great deal of self awareness, sacrifice, and WHY-power. All of which are a recipe for discipline, and a fast-track to a greater life.

There is no greater show of self love than having the discipline to be the best version of yourself.

So, what are we waiting for? Let's show some love.

Side Effect Number Five: Improved Relationships

This one is a total game changer.

There's a beautiful quote making its way around social media that reads: “Empowered women empower women.”

Truer words have never been spoken, and the same can be said of men. When we feel confident, empowered, healthy, creative, disciplined, etc, we no longer have any room in our hearts for negativity and doubt. When we uplift ourselves, we can't help but uplift others, and if we make the conscious effort to take better care of our physical being, our personal relationships begin to flourish.

You see, once we've made the commitment to fully steep ourselves in self love, we become love. In this abundant and giving Universe, there is a fundamental law that proclaims “like attracts like,” which simply means that everything in our physical reality is a direct reflection of who we are inside. So, if you become love, you suddenly become a magnet for all things loving.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a life I'd want to live.

I hope you find this post helpful, and if you do, we'd love to hear about your new healthy lifestyle! Get in touch with us on the Mountain Yoga Studio Facebook page, or @mountainyogastudio on Instagram.

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